Wallace Stegner House

“Home is a notion that only nations of the homeless fully appreciate and only the uprooted comprehend.” 
― Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose

The Wallace Stegner House is situated on the banks of the Frenchman River. This is the house were Wallace Stegner, a prolific writer of novels, short stories, and works of nonfiction, lived in from age 7 to 12.

The community and geography made an indelible impression upon him and was the inspiration for much of his writing. 

The one and a half storey house that he would later immortalize in his award-winning book “Wolf Willow”, was built in 1917 by Wallace Stegner's father. 

The family lived here until 1921 when they moved to Montana. In 1990, the house was restored by the Eastend Arts Council and established as a Residence for Artists and Writers.
Now owned and operated by the Eastend Arts Council, the Wallace Stegner House is a Heritage site.

The house functions year-round as a residency for writers and performing artists, and has hosted over 250 artists from around the globe, including writers, painters, photographers, playwrights and dancers.

Applications are due September 30th. For more information, please visit Wallace Stegner House