Transit Van Service

The Town of Eastend is proud to offer affordable Transit Van Services to the public in and around Eastend.

In 2012, we were fortunate enough to raise money to purchase a brand new F-350 van complete with wheelchair lift and accessories. The town wishes to extend a huge 'thank you' to our amazing friends - The Eastend Kinsmen Club for all their fundraising efforts, without you this program would not be available. All of your time, hard work, and efforts do not go unnoticed.

To book the Transit Van, please contact the Town Office at (306) 295-3322.

  • The Transit Van must be pre-booked at the town office between the hours of; 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday; for both in town and out of town trips.
  • The town office will inform the Eastend Wolf Willow Health Centre of all bookings via phone and/or fax, as the health centre is in charge of the key for the van.
  • The Transit Van is run on a “First Come, First Serve” bases. Therefore the first party who has booked the van has priority over the use of the van for the corresponding day.
  • If a second party wishes to use the vehicle on a day that the van has already been booked, the second party must make arrangements with the first party to “time share” the vehicle, ONLY if the first party agrees. 
  • The second party must notify the town office of such arrangements and the log book must be filled out accordingly.
  • All fees collected by the Health Centre will be receipted. Receipts will balance to the number of trips and passengers marked as paid at the Health Centre on the booking schedule.
  • On a quarterly basis fees collected at the Health Centre will be forwarded to the Town Office and a receipt will be issued to the Health Centre.
  • A receipt book will be provided by the Town Office. Receipts should contain the following information: name, date of trip, destination, total kilometers travelled, and number of passengers.
  • Fees for trips can be collected at the Health Centre if necessary and a receipt issued. If at quarter end, fees are outstanding, the Town Office will be responsible for collecting these fees: with the exception of resident’s fees when the van is booked by the Health Centre. These fees will be collected by the Health Centre.
  •  Within Town Limits: $5.00 per passenger pick up & return; no charge per mileage.
  • Outside Town Limits: $0.50 cents per kilometer; no charge per passenger.
  • Fuel costs will be paid by the town.
  • When fuel is purchased in town it must be charged directly to the town account. 
  • Please ensure that you clearly write “Transit Van” on the bill along with your name and signature. 
  • If fuel is purchased on an out of town trip, the purchaser must submit the original fuel bill(s) to the town office for reimbursement.
  • Refuel the van before returning to the Eastend Wolf Willow Health Centre Garage. Make sure you clearly write “Transit Van” as well as your name on the fuel bill.
  • Fill out log book (in the transit van); date, name, destination, start and end kilometers, number of passengers, billing address, and also write any needed repairs or anything else unusual.
  • Make sure all doors are closed properly, on both transit van and garage.
  • Return the key to the nurse’s desk at the Eastend Wolf Willow Health Centre.
  • During cold weather, whoever is using the van is responsible for having it plugged in.