Eastend Rodeo Grounds

The Eastend Light Horse Improvement Society Committee maintains and operates the Eastend Rodeo Grounds.

The committee has been fundraising for a new arena for more than ten years.

In 2017, the old arena was torn down, the ground was levelled, countless loads of sand were hauled and a new 2W steel arena was purchased and assembled. All this work was done by volunteers.

In 2018, a new booth, power, sound system, set of bucking chutes, bleachers, gates and panels were installed.

In 2021 a new announcer booth was added and in 2022 a tin roof was installed in the food booth.

The new and improved Rodeo Grounds attract hundreds of visitors each year to different town events, including the Annual Light Horse Show, Mini Chuck Races, Little Britches Rodeo, Dog Trials, to name just a few.

The arena is for people of all ages to come and use; to pleasure ride/practice, take part in a clinic or school, or to work their horses.

If you would like to book the Rodeo Grounds, please contact Heidi Topham at (306) 295-7460.