Eastend Communities In Bloom

Communities in Bloom is a national and provincial program that recognizes community participation in projects involving beautification, heritage, and environmental awareness. This is a great opportunity for communities to generate civic pride and local participation, while gaining recognition across the country

Participants are judged on the quality of the municipality's green spaces, diversity and originality of its landscaping, general tidiness, environmental awareness, heritage, and the level of community involvement.

Communities in Bloom is a great opportunity to showcase our Town in six key areas:

  • Community Appearance
  • Environmental Action
  • Tree Management
  • Plant & Flora Displays
  • Landscape
  • Heritage Conservation

In the last few years the Town of Eastend were the Provincial winners in the 501-1000 Population Category:

2017 - with a Special Mention for Community Theme: Discover a Sanctuary for all your Senses… Discover Eastend, Saskatchewan.

2018 - with a Special Mention for the Town Square.

2023 - with a Special Mention for Tree Management and Natural Tree Nursery.

The Town has received the following awards from Communities in Bloom

2020 - "Environmental Action Award" for the Development of the Town Square.

2021 - "Trees and Urban Forestry Award" for the Campground Planting Project. And a Special Mention for Engaging Slogan: “Discover a Sanctuary for All Your Senses”.

2022 - "Heritage Recognition Award" for the Eastend Historical Museum Volunteers work. A Special Mention for Increased Promotion of our Cultural and Natural Heritage.

2023 - "Environmental Action Award" for the Southwest Waste Management Authority Regional Landfill.

If you would like to volunteer with Eastend Communities in Bloom, please send a message to the Committee via their facebook page at: Eastend Communities in Bloom.

2022 CIB Photo Contest - 3rd Place
Earth Day Clean Up by Kim Redlin