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Insect Control - Public Notice

2017 Mosquito Control Program for the Town of Eastend

The Council of the Town of Eastend would like to update residents with respect to the proposed “Fogging” program for the control of Mosquitoes within Town limits:
         - Initially the Town of Eastend had agreed to share a tote of Malathion 95 ULV with the Village of Frontier;
         - Mayor Gordon has done extensive research through the Southwest Terminal, Crop Production Services and online to discover that ALL of the chemicals approved by Health Canada for application for the control of adult mosquitoes in residential areas, those being Malathion 95 ULV, Fyfanon ULV and Pro Malathion ULV are UNAVAILABLE!!
         - Mayor Gordon also discovered, through emails with the City of Portage la Prairie, that a New chemical called “Deltagard 20EW” is still in the production stage and Not available for purchase at this time!
         - This office continues to be in communication with Michael Fagan, Pesticide Officer, Health Canada, for any new developments with respect to the availability of chemicals. As a result, the Council of the Town of Eastend Must report that, at the present time, there will be No Fogging for the control of Mosquitoes. The Town of Eastend will continue to apply Vectobac to control larval mosquitoes in stagnant water and tall grass, within Town limits. Town Council wishes to Thank residents for their patience and understanding with respect to this matter, which is “out of their control” at the present time.